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Take the hassle out of your book sales!

Megabooks is a professional online platform that handles every aspect of your book from printing to distribution and pays you royalties for any sales, at the end of each month!

With Megabooks, you have the huge advantage of not having to lay out a large amount of cash upfront to print and store books you are not sure you’re going to sell. Instead, with Megabooks, your books are printed one at a time as the orders come in and delivered to your customers in just a couple of days.

How does this work? It’s easy!

So many advantages!

Selling your book online via Megabooks has many advantages including:

  • IT WILL IMPROVE YOUR CASH-FLOW! Books are only printed after they have been bought. There is no need to waste money on storage or warehousing costs and you don’t need to tie up your cash in stock while waiting for your books to sell
  • IT ELIMINATES WASTE! Printing books as needed eliminates the potential waste of paper, lessening environmental waste and the expense of destroying thousands of unsold books
  • MORE PUBLICITY FOR YOUR BOOK! With Megabooks, you enjoy the added benefit of any promotions we run to drive customers to the site
  • LESS HASSLE FACTOR! Megabooks handles the admin aspects of your book sales, getting your book to your customers hassle-free
  • MAKE MORE MONEY! You get better royalties by selling straight to your readers.

How does payment work?

Your customer pays Megabooks directly by credit card through our secure payment portal. Your royalties are paid to you by Mega Digital at the end of the month.

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Till now, the biggest headache and greatest risk for small and self-publishers has been pre-printing and managing stock. Who wants to do that when you should be writing and marketing? A direct-to-customer, print-on-demand solution is the key to sensible publishing.

- Arthur Atwell, Electric Bookworks


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I owe an enormous part of the success of 101 Kruger Tales to Megabooks. It allowed me the freedom to bypass traditional publishing houses and self-publish the book instead - without a jot of risk and with far better royalties. Significantly, it eliminated the need to pre-print a mountain of books at a time when I had no idea whether anyone would even buy a single copy. Not only that, but the Megabooks model takes care of distribution and postage too, meaning I can spend my time promoting the book instead of packing envelopes and standing in post office queues. Most pleasing to me is how delighted customers are when my book turns up on their doorstep as little as 24 hours after clicking the buy button. I get messages almost weekly from readers who have been blown away by the fast and efficient way in which Megabooks have got the book to them. The fact that Megabooks ships internationally too means that even customers half way across the world can buy my book. On a technical note, it is worth pointing out that Megabooks are a head and shoulders above global print-on-demand publishers like Lightning Source and CreateSpace, neither of which are capable of producing a black and white book with colour inserts - a format typical of many non-fiction titles. Megabooks handles this with consummate ease. Every aspiring South African author needs to know about Megabooks. It is without doubt a game changer for the South African publishing industry.

Jeff Gordon, author of 101 Kruger Tales

Selecting Megabooks as a publishing partner for Faceless - The Second Collection has been a great choice for me. Purchasing is a quick and easy process, backed up by reliable delivery and fulfillment - thank you Mega Digital!

Bruce Sutherland, author of Faceless - The Second Collection

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