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11 clever ways to use social media to launch your book!

Today’s authors have a distinct advantage over their predecessors. From bloggers to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more, there are a myriad of social media tools which allow you access to millions of consumers and potential fans.

Use these great ideas to launch your book via social media and grow your fan base in just a couple of clicks!

1. Include a retweet button at the end of a free chapter of your book
Create a PDF sample of the first chapter of your book and embed a retweet button in an easily accessible location to allow readers to share info about it easily with friends on Twitter.

When someone clicks on the retweet button, you could have it populate a pre-crafted tweet that says: ‘I’m reading @johnsmith’s new book: Bestseller 101! Get the 1st chapter free here: (include link).’

Example of Retweet Button

2. Make it easy for your readers to spread the word!
Include a short message with everything you send out that says something like: “I’d love your help spreading the word about Bestseller 101! Click here to find out how you can help.”

Link the above to a special page on your website which includes some prefabricated tweets that people can share with the click of a button as well as instructions on how to share the book on Facebook and LinkedIn.

3. Invite bloggers to review your book
Put together a list of popular bloggers (preferably those who specialise in your book’s genre) at least three months prior to the publication of your book and offer them the opportunity to review your book on their blog and receive an extra copy (or two) to give away to their readers. Perhaps you can negotiate with a relevant magazine or newspaper to get the best review printed as an added incentive to the bloggers.

Getting early reviews will help to generate hype around the launch of the book and will start to get everyone talking.

4. Create a video interview to garner interest for your book subject
There are a bunch of different things that you can do with video to draw interest for your book.

These include:
a) Film a video interview or two with experts who can discuss subjects related to your book. Use the interviews to build interest around the subject matter in your book rather than be a hard sell pitch for the book. Encourage reader interest with useful and informative content.
b) Create videos of you reading excerpts from your book and share them on YouTube, or your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages.
c) Vine is an app that allows you to make short video loops. Use the app to make fun video clips that give readers a quick glimpse into your books, your personality or even your writing process.

5. Run a fun, interactive promotion for your fans
Have some fun with your fans by creating a little competition or reward for them. Autograph a few copies of your books and put them on the shelf at one of the stores where your book is likely to sell well. Tell fans that the first couple of people to get to the store will be lucky enough to get an autographed copy of your book. Encourage them to post photographs of themselves with your autographed book and to tag you in to their posts.

Chat to the megabooks team if you would like to look at doing something similar on megabooks. We would be happy to help you run a promotion similar to this for the first few people who buy your book on the megabooks site.

6. Add social media buttons
Add social media buttons to your website page to allow people to easily share it on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Choosing buttons which tell people how many fans or followers you have could also help boost your profile as when people see how popular you are, it will encourage them to investigate what so many other people are interested in.

Click here to find out how to add the Facebook Like button, TweetMeme Retweet button and LinkedIn Share button to your site or blog page.

7. Add Facebook comments
Add a Facebook commenting system your web page. This will allow your fans to post their comments and will give you the opportunity to connect with them by answering their queries and commenting on their posts.

8. Leverage photos on Facebook
Photos are a fun way to get people talking about your book and to share it on Facebook. Share photos of your book, of you writing your book or doing book signings, of any media coverage you get for your book etc.

These will all create great opportunities for your fans to comment on your posts and congratulate you on any successes.

9. Use Pinterest to share information about yourself and your book
Pinterest is a fantastic social media tool for writers and a great way to let your followers get to know you as a person through your pins.

Create boards around some of the following topics:
• About me (share things you like to give readers an insight into your personality)
• Your books (tell readers about the books you’ve written)
• Your blog/website articles (include a list of the articles you’ve written)
• Books you like (tell readers about your favourite books)
• Your writing inspirations (give readers some insight into what or who has inspired you)

Remember that Pinterest is a visual channel. It is not an opportunity to do a hard sell on your book. Rather create interesting, fun and colourful boards that will inspire readers to find out more and perhaps pin them on their own boards.

10. Guest post to grow your profile
Guest blogging is one of the best ways to build your reputation and gain influence in your genre or topic. Include a link to your website at the end of each post or send readers to megabooks where they can buy your book.

11. Create a virtual bundle
Put together different value-added packages for your readers. You could ‘package’ a print book with an eBook, or an eBook with a video and workbook to add more value and options for your readers when they buy your book.

If you need help with marketing your book, feel free to contact us at mailto:[email protected]. We will put you in touch with a marketing consultant who can advise you and assist with your marketing needs.

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