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Mega Digital supports Book Dash

Whether for development of the mind or the imagination, the role that books play in a child’s growth is immense… assuming the child has access to a book. As Dr Seuss would say; “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.” During their formative years, stimulation is incredibly important to a child’s development. Unfortunately, in many instances parents are not in the position to spend money on expensive books from publishers; more than 80% of South African children have less than 10 books at home.

Mega Digital is a specialist digital book printing company, passionate about producing books that authors are proud to attach their names to. The company has an integral understanding of the positive impact that books can have and as a result, fully supports the non-profit Book Dash initiative, developed to give children the hope and joy that books can bring.

The premise of Book Dash is that writers, illustrators, designers and other creative professionals volunteer their time on a specific day each year to create unique books, mainly for children between the ages of one and five. These books are then made available online and can be translated and downloaded anywhere, anytime, by anyone – and then printed. In addition to the free downloads, partner organisations assist the non-profit to print and distribute books to children. The aim for the next book dash is to create 15 000 books to give to children, enriching their minds and promoting creativity.

Book Dash encourages anyone that wants to get involved to “Join a team. Make a book. Change the world.” The amazing concept was developed by Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow and publishing entrepreneur Arthur Attwell, senior manager of Paperight, writer and anthropologist Tarryn-Anne Anderson and publisher and writer Michelle Matthews, all of whom gratefully accepted input from various contributors.

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