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Top Tips For Promoting Your Book Online


Book printing specialists Mega Digital have made it impossibly easy for authors to get their books self-published and sold online via their hot new online bookstore, megabooks.

Mega Digital has been in the book printing business for close on 20 years and has taken their experience and knowledge of the industry one step further with the launch of their new online bookstore.

Find out how to sell your books through megabooks and use these valuable tips to help you promote your book and increase your sales online:

  1. Start early! Put together a launch plan to promote your book and engage with people before and after it’s launched. Identify people who could write reviews, guest post on your blog, make videos for YouTube, post comments on your book’s Facebook page or even tweet short snippets about your book.
  2. Set up a blog or website to promote your book when it is launched. Remember to include a link to the megabooks site to allow customers to easily purchase your book.
  3. Include a comments section on your blog or website to encourage feedback and discussion, and add links to all popular social media tools, such as twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
  4. Set up a Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest account using your book cover as your profile image. You can then promote your book every time you send out a tweet, post or image update. Just remember to link them all back to your main blog or website.
  5. Create a pdf “snippet” (5-10 pages) of your book that you can give away on your blog or to website subscribers.
  6. Include backlinks to every online tool you use to promote your book. For example, if you set up a Facebook page, Twitter account, blog and Pinterest account, make sure that they’re all connected so if you go to one, you can quickly and easily go to any one of the others. The best option is to link them to your main site and not to add so many online tools that you can’t keep an eye on them.
  7. Use themes, quotes, questions and snippets from your book to spark conversation. Encourage your readers to give comment and share ideas. You never know, you may end up publishing (with their permission) the added suggestions and feedback in your second book.
  8. Use hashtags (#) on twitter to market the main themes in your book and not just your book title. You need to keep your followers engaged and not spammed.
  9. Use Pinterest to post quotes and images from your book. You can then get others to comment on them. Just remember to make it fun and not just a “pin up board” of statements.
  10. Run a competition for people to select or enter a book cover design and title for your upcoming book. People love to feel like they’ve invested something of themselves in it and it will spark some creative thought and discussion.
  11. Facebook, Pinterest and Goodreads are great tools for running lucky draws and giveaways of prizes other than your book. Why not approach a hotel or local company and ask them to sponsor a weekend away or a product or service from their company? They get the publicity from the competition and your book gets promoted, which leads to more sales.
  12. Create a video of you talking about your book or interviewing others who had input into it. Post it on YouTube with a link to megabooks where people can order your book.

Remember to keep up the engagement after your book is launched. Keep talking via all your social media tools, such as Twitter and Facebook, and don’t lose momentum.

What can we add to this list? Leave a comment with your suggestions below.

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