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Quote Requests... need a quotation?

To be able to produce an accurate quote we need to get as much information as possible. We need to know the open size, folded size, quantity, number of pages, final trim size, paper requirements, binding requirements, colours the job is to be printed in, finishing on the cover (matt/gloss lamination/varnish) etc.If you’re not sure, please indicate this on the request and we’ll fill in the blanks as best we can. If you’re submitting the enquiry via email, please include your phone details as there are often aspects of the quote that need to be discussed before we can quote.

Please also include company details so that we can get it right from the start.

Run-on price

When we quote, our software allows for three quantity options, plus a “run-on” price. It’s really no extra work for us to give you two other quantity options – let us know if you want these!Important: The “run-on” price is there so that you can do your own calculations should you want to print extra copies. It only applies when the job comes in and does not apply if you decide to order more copies at a later stage. Please contact us if you’re unsure of how to use the price.

We try our best to hold our prices for as long as possible. Consumables have a nasty tendency to increase in price, and there may be an increase if the quote has been produced some time before the job comes in. Please confirm the price in cases like this.

Files should be supplied in PDF format whenever possible.

If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Distiller, or the package you’re working in doesn’t support saving directly to PDF, try CutePDF. It is a free download and works just like a printer driver. Instead of printing to a printer, you select “CutePDF” from the printer list and a PDF is created automatically. You can download it from and other colour graphic elements should preferably be saved in CMYK format. Digital printing doesn’t support spot/pantone colours. These colours can be converted to CMYK by us, but it’s better to start off in CMYK than to convert colours at a later stage. We can print from RGB files as well, but these are also converted to CMYK during printing.

Please make sure that all the fonts and graphics are embedded when creating PDF files.

We can also print from jpeg images, but the print quality of a PDF is better than that of a jpeg, and the file size of a PDF is also much smaller than a jpeg.


We prefer PDF files to be supplied as single pages – we do the imposition on our side to make sure we’re printing as economically as possible. Our presses vary in print sheet size, and you could end up being charged extra if we can’t impose the job the way we planned it during quoting.


We need at least 2mm bleed and preferably 3mm to make sure that there is room to allow for movement during trimming.

Trim Marks

Files should be supplied without trim marks as we add these during the imposition stage. If you include trim marks, it can affect the number of items we can get on a sheet, and may therefore also have an effect on the cost.


Please supply a final set of proofs with the job, so that we know what it’s meant to look like. It’s very, very seldom that we have a problem with PDF files but it is possible for something to go wrong and we want to take all the precautions possible to make sure that this does not happen!

Job Submission

Files can be emailed, sent by FTP, or supplied on disc.
If files are emailed, they need to be 5 megabytes or less. PDF files supplied by email should be accompanied by low(er) res jpegs which can be used as proofs for the job.
Files supplied by FTP should also have jpegs for proofing purposes. We use “yousendit” for FTP, which can found at Register for the free version and send us a link through the software to download the files.
When submitting a job, please sign off the quote and indicate the quantity required. The quote needs to be faxed to us at 021 510 5031 along with an official company order.
Please also supply any additional information with regards to special instructions, delivery requirements and invoicing details (along with contact information) with the job.
Please also let us know what the deadlines are when the job comes in so that it can be prioritised during our production meetings.

Accounts and Payment

We are happy to open accounts subject to our credit application being filled in and submitted. It takes a few days to open a new account, and for this reason the first jobs sent in are often treated on a “COD” basis.
We have a strict COD policy – please note that no jobs will be delivered until we have received confirmation of payment. Click here for our banking details.

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